The Panel Discuss Whether They Believe The Obesity Crisis Has Been Exacerbated By Takeaway Apps | LW

A current report by The World Health Organisation has disclosed 64% of UK grownups are obese, with online takeaways and also lack of exercise playing the largest variable. With food being easily offered at the click of a button, we are asking if takeaway apps must come with a health and wellness warning. From series 26, program on See Loose Women on the ITV Hub: Like, comply with and also subscribe to Loose Women! Subscribe currently for even more! Site: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Catch Loose Women every weekday from 12.30 pm on ITV, STV and also the ITV Hub. Join our panellists as they share their lives and also discuss every little thing from relationships to connections, parenting to politics, mental health and wellness and also a lot, far more. Tune in to learn what your much-loved Loose Women have depended on, watch unique meetings with showbiz stars, and get a much required make fun of lunch. #loosewomen

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