Junk Food Kids: Who’s To Blame | Obesity Documentary | S01 E01 | All Documentary

It is World's Health and wellness Day tomorrow! For this event, this documentary explores with distinct access inside three organisations on the frontline of the war on childhood excessive weight and avoidable ailments the tale of what's going incorrect with our children's health and wellness. Across Britain, the variety of kids with entirely preventable yet severe health issue is spiraling. They eat excessive. They do not clean their teeth. They never exercise. For the first time in centuries, numerous can die at a younger age than their parents. In Leeds, a quarter of all youngsters under the age of five have dental caries as well as a 3rd are overweight. We comply with the disappointed professionals at Leeds General Infirmary as they tackle this modern epidemic and satisfy the nervous parents on the frontline of a health and wellness disaster. Working difficult to embrace a much healthier way of life, we see families making big changes to help their youngsters improve. Welcome to All Documentary, the residence of amazing documentaries! Here you will discover unabridged docudramas and complete episodes from our docudrama series, covering real criminal activity, medical, scientific research and even more. Subscribe right here for even more unabridged docudramas: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFrO ... #Obesity #ChildhoodObesity #Health #Healthproblems #Tipsforhealthierlifestyle #lifestyle

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