Obesity and it’s treatment methods| Obesity-related issues | Obesity Exercise | Silverline Hospital

This video by Dr. Tom Babu, Consultant Diabetologist and Endocrinologist, talks about obesity and it's treatment methods. Obesity is something which needs proper treatment. Treatment like any other disease is available for obesity. In this video discusses about all the factors affecting the abnormal weight gain, how to exercise to lose weight, treatment for obesity and issues regarding it. This is a one stop for all the above. Do watch. The state of the art technology at Silverline Hospital will help a obese person to gain a normal weight, if not to prevent the occurrence of obesity related health issues thus helping obese people to live a healthy life. For More Details Contact Us Website : https://silverlinehospital.in/endocrinology-enquiry/ Phone : 0484 414 7555 / 9539 118 118

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