The microbial cause of recurrent obesity and weight regain | Dr. Eran Elinav

Many individuals who reduce weight reclaim the dropped weight typically with additional pounds in a cycle called recurring (or "yo-yo") obesity. Research from Dr. Elinav's laboratory recommends that metabolic criteria stabilize with weight management, but attributes of the microbiome continue to be unchanged. In other words, the microbiome holds a memory of past weight problems that promotes weight regain. Preclinical studies suggest that repeated weight biking shifts gut microorganisms to an arrangement with a modified capability to metabolize flavonoids-- compounds that normally aid advertise the burning of excess power by fat. In this clip, Dr. Eran Elinav goes over the microbiome-related characteristics of weight reclaim as well as why some individuals have trouble maintaining fat burning. Watch the full meeting here: #microbiome

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