Is Obesity A Choice? Is It Just About Willpower? Recently, there have been a lot of arguments about obesity. The pervasive belief is that "obesity is a choice" and people with obesity "lack willpower". I feel like this default view fails to acknowledge some of the complexities that we know about obesity based on existing research we have, so I have compiled a non-exhaustive list of reasons why we cannot assume someone's level of willpower based off their body fat percentage. Please note: discussing this is a very personal topic for a lot of people, and whilst it may be easy to discuss our own personal opinions, it would be very much appreciated if we were respectful of other people's experiences which may be different to our own. Thank you. References: - Primary Care Physicians’ Attitudes about Obesity and Its Treatment - Fitness vs. fatness: Implicit bias towards obesity among fitness professionals and regular exercisers - Weight Bias in the Media: A Review of Recent Research - Altered gut and adipose tissue hormones in overweight and obese individuals: cause or consequence? - Lean and obese dietary phenotypes: differences in energy and substrate metabolism and appetite - How strongly does appetite counter weight loss? Quantification of the feedback control of human energy intake - Role of Nonexercise Activity Thermogenesis in Resistance to Fat Gain in Humans - Effect of different doses of supervised exercise on food intake, metabolism, and non-exercise physical activity: The E-MECHANIC randomized controlled trial - No consistent evidence of a disproportionately low resting energy expenditure in long-term successful weight-loss maintainers - Emotional eating and food intake after sadness and joy - Psychosocial stress promotes food intake and enhances the neuroenergetic level in men

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