10 negative effects of Obesity

Hey Pals, . This video defines 10 most negative impacts of OBESITY on Health and wellness. If you such as this video, please subscribe, share as well as struck the bell symbol for more such videos. You may like:. Also conscious regarding weight? After that understood about ANOREXIA NERVOSA https://youtu.be/F8KsvChhjuY. Negative effects of steroids: https://youtu.be/iEagfQUQs8E. Visit my blog site at: http://themedicosindia.blogspot.com/. Zinc- it's resource, value and shortage: https://youtu.be/p2ICJbHfz98. Calcium: importance in diet, Dietary Sources as well as Symptoms of calcium deficiency. https://youtu.be/EDSgdp6SAks.

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