Intuitive Eating + “OBESITY”? Am I HAES? How to Lose Weight?!

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My Favourite HAES Experts: The Militant Baker: Michelle Elman: Virgie Tovar: Ragen Chastain: Whole Hearted Dietitian: Research Studies: In today’s video, I tackle some of the most common intuitive eating questions that I’ve been getting on my channel on a very top level basis. Before I do, I want to acknowledge there are so many better experts in this field out there, particularly those in larger bodies who have lived experience with weight stigma. While I am privileged enough to have a voice here on youtube, I feel strongly it’s important to hear their voices and learn from their extensive knowledge. In today’s video, I’ll be answering these questions: Will IE help me lose weight? Does IE mean I can eat cake a and fries all day, err day and be healthy? Can you eat intuitive if you are in a larger body or have an eating disorder? Does health at every size mean you can gain as much weight as you want, or lose as much weight as you want, and be healthy? Why did you say that obesity is a bad word? I feel ADDICTED to food. How can I possibly engage with intuitive eating? If IE does not result in weight loss, what are the benefits? Isn’t being obese bad for your health? Don’t these people need to lose weight? And finally – How is thin privilege real when you work out and eat healthy and a fat person does not? I need you all to understand that despite what your favourite YouTuber is doing, or how much or how little they’re eating, or what foods they’re cutting out, that this isn’t the only way to be healthy. Only you know your body’s true needs. You don’t need to change your body, and no one should tell you that you do. I’ll be diving more into this in my upcoming intuitive eating series which ill be starting in a few weeks but until then, just know that I’m simply trying to dispel myths, denounce diet culture in general, and neutralize the language we use around food. For more tips on staying healthy, recipes, dieting, and information fit for consumption by foodies everywhere stop by Abbey’s blog.

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