Social Security Disability- Can Obesity be Considered a Disability? In this video Marc Whitehead, a Board Certified Social Security Disability Attorney, explains if obesity is classified as a disability. As a Social Security Attorney, Marc Whitehead has worked with many overweight and obese clients and understands that weight plays a major role in how we feel and what we are able to do. Those suffering from obesity tend to, not only, struggle more then the average person with every day tasks but they also face more aches and pains, are prone to more accidents and are more likely to suffer more ongoing ailments. They also have to deal with the physiological effects that come along with not matching up to the idealized body image in our society. Obesity makes life harder. If you are already suffering from a disability, it's likely that obesity will only exacerbate the symptoms. That's why your weight should be considered when ruling on your disability claim. Unfortunately not everyone seems to think that way. Not to long ago the National Organization of Social Security Claims Representatives reported about an ALJ- Administrative Law Judge who ruled against an obese claimant ans subsequently had his decision overturned. But it wasn't because he said that the obesity didn't effect the claimants ability to work- that would be understandable. The problem in this case was that the judge didn't even think to consider that claimants obesity in his decision. It's been shown that obesity can exacerbate a number of problems but if a judge did not believe that this was the case in this instance, he could have easily said that in his ruling. In fact that was really all he had to do, write in his ruling that he didn't think the persons obesity played a role in their disability and explain why. This claimant was able to overturn their decision and have another hearing and the only reason that was the case is because her lawyer was paying attention. While obesity itself is no longer considered a disabling condition as it once was, it can contribute to a disability issue such as Joint problems, Diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions all of which effect your functional capacity to work. This is why it is so crucial to have an experienced attorney working for you. Marc Whitehead & Associates has over 20 years of experience in the disability field and we can help you win your claim. For more on obesity being considered a disability and valid SSD claim please feel free to download a copy of our free eBook: The Social Security Puzzle- How to Fit the Pieces Together and Win your Claim Visit for a free downloadable copy Or contact our office to discuss your particular disability issues at: Marc Whitehead & Associates Attorney at Law, LLP 403 Heights Blvd Houston, TX 77007 (713) 228-8888

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