The Role of Diet vs. Exercise in the Obesity Epidemic

When it concerns weight problems, which is more crucial: diet vs. exercise? Can weight be shed without exercise? The common descriptions for the reason for the obesity epidemic put onward by the food market and policymakers, such as inactivity or a lack of self-control, are not just wrong, yet proactively harmful fallacies. Seeking healthy vacation meals? Register for our totally free newsletter and also get a vacation dish overview with 4 dishes: When I sat down to compose How Not to Diet ( I knew this "what set off the obesity epidemic" was mosting likely to be a large question I needed to encounter. Was it inactivity-- just kids kicking back playing computer game? Was it hereditary? Was it epigenetic-- something turning our fat genes on? Or was it simply the food? Were we consuming much more fat every one of the abrupt, a lot more carbs? Much more refined foods? Or were we simply consuming even more period, as a result of larger serving sizes or just snacking more? Making inquiries minds needed to know. This is the initial in an 11-video collection to address this concern, which I initially launched in a 2-hour webinar previously this year. Check out the webinar electronic download below ( if you can't want and also wait to obtain all of the video clips at as soon as. Or, simply stay tuned for the remainder of the series (note that each web link will be real-time when that video clip is released over the following couple of weeks):. - The Role of Genes in the Obesity Epidemic ( - The Thrifty Gene Theory: Survival of the Fattest ( - Cut the Calorie-Rich-And-Processed Foods ( - The Role of Processed Foods in the Obesity Epidemic ( - The Role of Taxpayer Subsidies in the Obesity Epidemic ( - The Role of Marketing in the Obesity Epidemic ( - The Role of Food Advertisements in the Obesity Epidemic ( - The Role of Personal Responsibility in the Obesity Epidemic ( - The Role of Corporate Influence in the Obesity Epidemic ( - The Role of the Toxic Food Environment in the Obesity Epidemic ( Have a question about this video clip? Leave it in the remark section at and also somebody on the team will try to address it. Want to obtain a checklist of links to all the scientific resources made use of in this video clip? Click Sources Cited at You'll also locate a transcript and recognitions for the video, my blog site and talking tour routine, as well as a simple means to search (by converted language also) with our videos extending even more than 2,000 health and wellness subjects. If you would certainly rather enjoy these video clips on YouTube, sign up for my YouTube Channel here: Thanks for enjoying. I hope you'll take part the evidence-based nourishment transformation! - Michael Greger, MD FACLM. Subtitles for this video clip are available in a number of languages; you can find yours in the video settings. - Subscribe: - Donate: - Podcast: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Instagram: - Books (consisting of the NEW How Not to Diet Cookbook): - Shop:

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