When being HEALTHY is not so healthy: The Truth about Obesity |Dr. Shriram Nene

The reality regarding weight problems is that it slips up on you and also is usually hard to stand up to. We review it at some size to define it and techniques to combat it. Hope you like it as well as it aids you. Suggested Links http://bit.ly/3c2zh2v http://bit.ly/3p9hCdg http://mayocl.in/2Nu8RfR Revised Information as promptly Stamp 2.03 Body Mass Index (or BMI) is determined as your weight (in kilograms) divided by the square of your height (in metres) or BMI = Kg/M2. PLEASE NOTE- This video was created to elevate recognition and improve accessibility to evidence-based, first-rate healthcare understanding. Every individual should seek advice from with their very own health care professional before beginning on a medical care trip. Follow me on:-. Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/DrShriramNene. Twitter:- https://mobile.twitter.com/DoctorNene. Instagram:- https://instagram.com/drneneofficial.

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