Biochemistry of obesity | Obesity causes, risk factors and treatment

Hey there all. In this video I have actually described concerning Obesity triggers, danger aspects as well as therapy #biochemistryofobesity #obesitycausesriskfactorsandtreatment Timeline of obesity video: 00:00 Introduction to excessive weight 00:57 excessive weight results from overnutrition in established nations mainly 01:11 apple shaped vs pear shaped weight problems 01:53 primary root causes of excessive weight 02:48 health dangers related to obesity 03:32 Obesity index is computed in terms of body mass index 03:46 Example of estimation of BMI( Body Mass Index). 05:13 typical BMI vs excessive weight BMI. 06:38 regulators of appetite/obesity. 07:47 polypeptides that boost cravings. 08:18 polypeptides that decrease hunger. 09:03 duty of leptin in obesity. 10:10 lipostatic theory. 10:30 duty of ghrelin and also NPY in obesity. 12:20 hormone function of weight problems. 12:57 treatment of excessive weight. Competency cover Biochemistry. BI 8.4 - Describe causes, impacts and health risks associated with excessive weight. Questions:. Threat linked with excessive weight 4 Marks. Obesity 4 marks. Poor nutrition may be of 2 types; under nourishment or over nutrition. The latter is or else called weight problems. Obesity is the most prevalent nutritional problem in industrialized countries. All over the world, excessive weight prevails in affluent people. Weight problems is the condition in which excess fat has actually built up. This is because of the enhanced power intake and also reduced power expenditure. It is generally due to too much deposition of TAG in the body shops like fats. In obesity there is rise in adipocytes number and dimension. Apple form obesity in male (android type). Pear form weight problems in female (gynecoid type). Typical reasons are:. Genetic predisposition. Hormone: Hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, cushing's disorder. Neural: Leptin defect. Mental: clinical depression. Physical inactivity. cravings stimulant peptide: Neuropeptide Y, Ghrelin. cravings suppressor peptide: Leptin, MSH. Threat variables:. Cardiac arrest. Diabetic issues Mellitus. Metabolic disorder. Stroke. Colon and also Breast cancer cells. Depression. This network would certainly be practical to MBBS, PG, NEET prep work, USMLE prep work, EXIT exam, NEXT test, Nursing, Physiotheraphy, Dental, MSc, Biotechnology and also B.Pharm students to recognize the fundamental clinical topic. My youtube web link: Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT SHARE & SUBSCRIBE ... Subscription web link: Chemistry and Metabolism of Carbohydrates: · Chemistry and also Metabolism of Proteins: · Chemistry and Metabolism of Lipids: · Enzymes: · Vitamins: · Minerals: · Hemoglobin Metabolism: · Genetics/Molecular Biology: · Molecular methods: · Nucleotide Metabolism: · Organ Function examinations: · Metabolism of xenobiotics: Follow me on. instagram:- Facebook - Twiitter: Telegram: livebiochemistry. Linkedin: e-mail: THANKS FOR WATCHING #biochemistry #livebiochemistry #drashishagravatt.

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