OET Roleplay – Teenage Obesity

Enjoy a lot more role-plays by clicking the below links Dementia Patient - https://youtu.be/D2PSXdcqFL0 Teenage Obesity - https://youtu.be/mH4BVMh5JlY Home Visit & Insulin intake- https://youtu.be/Df1gSP88gdM Terminal illness - https://youtu.be/4ugvKPCJA64 Warfarin injection - https://youtu.be/lTKBgCGgJB4 Bed wetting - https://youtu.be/rL1q13oxR84 Individual with Burns - https://youtu.be/lBR2jFawGTw Inoculation - https://youtu.be/MUpA5j0VnKU Clinical depression - https://youtu.be/RUxABeSnDG0 Breaking a Bad news - https://youtu.be/LwSIcfE7V0Q Agitated person - https://youtu.be/bHoP4xMAnvk Cholesterol - https://youtu.be/1j1h08wvkFE Dialysis - https://youtu.be/RdR_neYFChk

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