Preventing Childhood Obesity

Childhood excessive weight is a severe issue. It's one that is an expanding problem for health and wellness specialists that say most youngsters are merely duplicating their moms and dads consuming habits. Dr. Denise Drago, a doctor with Lee Memorial Health System, claims youth obesity gets on the rise. "The old statistics used to be one as well as 25 children was obese and currently it's concerning 1 and also 4." Health and wellness professionals claim the trouble normally does not start with the child. "When the moms and dads are overweight, there's a lot more possibility that the youngsters will be obese too. The society is raising more overweight adults which are raising extra obese children," stated Dr. Drago. To determine if a youngster is overweight, physicians use a BMI graph to measure a child's height as well as weight. "For grownups they use the number worth, for us we utilize percentiles. If you're over the 85th percentile of your elevation compared to your weight for your age after that you're thought about in jeopardy for excessive weight. If you're over the 95 percentile is when you come to be identified as obese," stated Dr. Drago. Obesity is an issue that can in fact start at birth. Once a child is able to consume solid food, health experts suggest a diet that's high in fruits, veggies, and also protein. They also suggest prolonging the introduction of soda, juice, as well as sugary foods. " We additionally discuss part dimensions as well as simply exactly how much must a child be consuming. When you look at what an adult would certainly be eating, the quantity you or I would certainly have isn't the very same as they should," claimed Dr. Drago. Do not over make up later on by providing high calorie snacks if a kid doesn't consume much throughout a meal. That's one more issue," stated Dr. Drago. She claims limiting the quantity of time invested with modern technology and also encouraging task as well as healthy eating is vital for both child as well as parent. View More Health Matters video sections at Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL is the biggest network of healthcare facilities in Southwest Florida and is extremely valued for its expertise, advancement and also quality of treatment. For almost a century, we've been supplying our neighborhood with everything from health care therapy to highly specialized treatment services as well as robot assisted surgical procedures. Go to

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