Reaching the Summit | How Shawn Overcame Obesity with Bariatric Surgery

In 2017, Shawn was 360 pounds and feeling the physical effects of obesity. After years of cyclical weight gain and weight loss, he decided to take control of his health for good and attended an information session with Penn Medicine's Bariatric Surgery program. Shawn decided to make the lifelong commitment necessary to succeed after bariatric surgery. He’s put in a lot of hard work, received support from his loved ones, and built a strong, open relationship with his entire care team. By committing to the process and pushing himself before and after surgery to eat well and exercise, Shawn is able to do things now that he couldn't have done a year ago. Learn more about Shawn: Sign up for a free information session at Penn: Learn more about who is a candidate for and what to expect with bariatric surgery: #WeightLoss #BariatricSurgery #PennMedicine

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