How to get rid of obesity correctly // best ways to lose weight

This video is for those who want to lose weight with health benefits. We do not talk about quick diets or how to lose weight by 5 kilos in 3 days. Because that's not healthy. We have collected the easiest and most effective tips for those who want to lose weight without rigid diets and grueling exercises. In the video you will find tips that you can easily apply to your life and speed up the process of losing weight. Timecodes: 0:00 - What is this video about 0:56 - How to eat to lose weight? Eating habits to help you lose weight 2:25 - How to spend your day to help with weight loss 3:40 - How to sleep to lose weight? 3 best ways 4:46 - Insight for those who are losing weight Disclaimer! This video will not replace an expert consultation. Please coordinate your diet with your doctor, especially if you have any medical conditions. Take care and do not self-medicate. Thank you for watching the video How to lose weight healthy! We suggest you watch our other health videos and subscribe to our social media: Facebook - Instagram - Youtube - Online store Paramed - The sources we used: - Slow chewing affects number of snacks – - The effect of water on weight loss without exercise - - How carbs affect satiety and weight loss – - How Red Color Affects Appetite - - Sleep affects appetite - - Bedroom temperature helps to burn belly fat - - What to eat to lose weight -

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