Hormones in Weight Loss (The Obesity Code Lecture part 2)

Insulin and cortisol are essential hormones in weight loss. When insulin is high, we keep fat. The function of the anxiety hormonal agent cortisol in weight loss. Publications: The Obesity Code: https://thefastingmethod.com/book/the ... The Complete Guide to Fasting: https://thefastingmethod.com/book/the-complete-guide-to-fasting/ The Diabetes Code - https://thefastingmethod.com/book/the-diabetes-code/ The Cancer Code - https://thefastingmethod.com/book/the-cancer-code/ The Obesity Code Cookbook: https://thefastingmethod.com/book/the ... ** Help with Fasting **:. Try Pique Fasting Tea: https://piquetea.com/drjasonfung. Membership Community: https://thefastingmethod.com. Other Medical Lectures (provided to specialist physicians):. 1. Recognizing Why Calorie Restriction Doesn't Work: https://youtu.be/q8BGYhreaco. 2. Healing Fasting: https://youtu.be/ETkwZIi3R7w. 3. Why Calories Don't Matter: https://youtu.be/5F5o0a4p_3U. 4. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: https://youtu.be/4oZ4UqtbB_g. Timestamps. 0:00 Intro - Hormones in Obesity. 8:15 Atkins diet plan. 20:32 Metabolic Syndrome. 27:31 Concerns regarding the Atkins and Keto diet. 34:01 Comfort foods. 43:05 Protein consumption and also insulin. 50:22 Satiety hormones and also leptin. 56:40 stress and anxiety and also cortisol. 1:09:52 medical professionals do not constantly get nutritional education. #jasonfung #drjasonfung #fasting #fastingbenefits #weightlosstips #intermittentfasting #drfung #fung #calories #weightlosstips #caloriesincaloriesout #weightloss #nutrition #diet #health.

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