Why Obesity is a Chronic Medical Condition

Many people feel that having excess weight is a personal failing and one that can be "fixed" by having more willpower. The latest science shows that this is just not the case. In this fascinating video, five physicians who specialize in weight management talk about why excess weight is a medical issue that needs to be treated... To find a medical expert who specializes in treating excess weight near you, go to https://myweightwhattoknow.com/physician-locator/ Keep learning with us by signing up for our free online class at http://myweightwhattoknow.com/our-approach/ All content of this YouTube channel is owned by What To Know, LLC. and is protected by worldwide copyright laws. You may download content only for your personal use (i.e., for non-commercial purposes) but no modification or further reproduction of the content is permitted. The content may otherwise not be copied or used in any way. ©2021 My Weight What to Know

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