The Obesity Myth Trailer

You can get the finished collection here: The Obesity Myth is a docudrama series that complies with the battles of morbidly overweight individuals and their family members as they undergo the weight management program at Melbourne's Austin Health. With almost two-thirds of Australian adults tipping the ranges as obese or overweight, The Obesity Myth will certainly break down obstacles to social communication by challenging frequently held sights of excessive weight. The Doctors at Austin Health are taking a various strategy by dealing with weight problems as a persistent genetic condition. Patients are informed, frequently for the initial time in their life, their weight issues are not their mistake, however frequently mostly the outcome of a hereditary proneness. The Austin's treatment routine, which is a last resource for lots of patients who go to threat of very early fatality as a result of their weight, uses a mix of diet, bariatric as well as medication surgical treatment to change bodies as well as lives.

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