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This is the video on Obesity with Biochemistry Perspective. 00:00 - Introduction 00:38 - Definition of Obesity 01:26 - Assessment of Obesity 01:40 - BMI and also Obesity 02:13 - Types of Obesity 02:46 - Causes and also Consequences of Obesity 03:31 - Role of Leptin in Obesity 04:14 - Metabolic modifications occurring in excessive weight 05:03 - Treatment of Obesity Obesity Poor nutrition may be of two types; under nourishment or over nourishment. The last is otherwise called weight problems. Excessive weight is the most widespread dietary problem in established countries. Around the world, excessive weight is widespread in upscale people Obesity is the condition in which excess fat has collected. This is due to the raised power intake and also reduced power expense. It is frequently because of too much deposition of TAG in the body stores like fats. In obesity there is rise in adipocytes number and also size Subscribe my channel from - http://www.youtube.com/c/BiochemistryBasicsbyDrAmit For even more fascinating stuffs related to biochemistry see -
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