Obesity Prevalence Maps USA 1985-2016 (No Voice) (Update with voice in description)

Upgraded version with voice narrative: Weight Problems Epidemic - USA CDC Obesity Maps (2011-2019 Data). https://youtu.be/aJBC50y_0Hw. This video reveals the rise in excessive weight occurrence in the United States from 1985-2016. Please note that there were substantial methodological adjustments beginning in the 2011 information collection that make a straight contrast of newer information (2011-2016) to older information (1985-2010) misleading and also unadvised. There is no audio in this video. The maps and also information in this video clip were downloaded from the CDC web site. https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/prevalence-maps.html. Body Composition Assessment for Health. https://youtu.be/rMEnM4FRMsA. Approximating Resting and also Total Energy Expenditure - Harris Benedict Equations. https://youtu.be/c2ExrReWSF8. Link to Dr. Evan Matthews site. https://sites.google.com/site/evanmatthewseportfolio/home.

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