The 900lb Man Who Ate Himself To Death | Obesity Documentary | Absolute Documentaries

Ricky Naputi was one of the fattest men in the world at his heaviest of 900lbs (65 stone). He lived in the pacific island paradise of Guam but in reality, Ricky has been living in hell. Ricky and his wife Cheryl know that unless he gets the medical treatment he needs he will die! He is addicted to food and needs to find a way to lose weight before it's too late. He is unable to move, shower, cook, or do anything at all. He manages to find a team online which is willing to help him, the only thing standing in the way is his inability to control his eating habits. Absolute Documentaries brings you the best of entertaining and fascinating documentaries for free. Whether you’re into true crime, stories from around the world, family and social life, science, or psychology, we’ve got you covered with must-see full-length documentaries every week. Subscribe to see a little more of the world with our premium documentaries: Content licensed from DCD. Any queries, please contact us at:

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