Wall Street and … Obesity? Marion Nestle Talks about the U.S. Food Supply

Marion Nestle, Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition at New York University, discusses the U.S. food sector remaining in an extremely competitive atmosphere where earnings are paramount and public health and wellness is not a concern. See the Entire Talk Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TibndsX9g3c&t=30s [Show ID: 36753] Please Note: Knowledge concerning health and wellness as well as medicine is constantly progressing. This info might become outdated. More from: American Politics ( https://www.uctv.tv/american-politics). Explore More Health & Medicine on UCTV. ( https://www.uctv.tv/health). UCTV features the latest in health and wellness and medication from University of California medical colleges. Discover the information you need on cancer, transplant, weight problems, illness and a lot more. UCTV is the program and also online media system of the University of California, featuring programs from its 10 campuses, 3 nationwide laboratories and also affiliated research institutions. UCTV discovers a broad spectrum of topics for a general audience, consisting of science, health as well as medication, public affairs, humanities, arts as well as music, service, agriculture, and also education and learning. Introduced in January 2000, UCTV accepts the core goals of the University of California-- mentor, study, and also civil service-- by giving top quality, extensive tv much beyond the university boundaries to inquisitive audiences around the globe. ( https://www.uctv.tv).

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