Myths and Facts of Obesity and Weight Loss | Dr. Zarin Akhtar (Bengali)

Way of living and diet adjustment both are just as important to drop weight. By complying with a few of the pointers such as avoiding scrap fried foods aids you more than missing the meals. It is advised not to take supplements. It is very important to work out on a regular basis or a minimum of 5 days each week for 30 minutes as it may guarantee aid in losing some weight. Zarin Akhtar, Dietician at Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Barasat shared some of the myths and truths of Obesity and Weight Loss. #NarayanaHealth #HealthForAll #AllForHealth #NHCares For video clip assessment with the medical professional, log on to See our internet site to understand more regarding Narayana Health and its facilities. Connect with us: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Blog site - LinkedIn -

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