Sleep, Daylight Anchoring, and Effects on Memory & Obesity with Dan Pardi

Dan Pardi is a Ph.D candidate that looks into rest neurobiology at Stanford and also University of Leiden. He is also founder of Dan's Plan, an online health as well as innovation company. In this podcast Rhonda as well as Dan discuss what the factors of good rest are consisting of period, timing as well as intensity, the major reasons of much less sleep in our culture, the repercussions of rest loss including lowered purging of hazardous materials from the brain, damage to neurons that indicate to the mind to remain awake (and also just how this brings about that sensation that you need coffee in the early morning), enhanced occurrence of chronic conditions such as cancer as well as kind 2 diabetes mellitus, cognitive and behavior problems, the influence on eating habits and weight gain. We additionally discuss what the ideal amount of rest is, the importance of sleep timing, and also maintaining the very same routine as well as various other ways to boost sleep. ▶ Get the show keeps in mind! You can locate the fantastic Dan Pardi at ... ▶ Dan's Facebook ▶ Dan's Twitter ▶ Dan's Website Chapters 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:36 - Circadian rhythm 00:04:32 - Cancer 00:10:01 - Brain health and wellness 00:14:18 - Diabetes and weight problems 00:21:05 - Learning 00:27:27 - Light 00:31:18 - Stress as well as anxiousness 00:34:25 - Exercise 00:38:48 - Good sleep routines 00:52:00 - Nutrition 00:56:16 - Dan's Plan ---------- ▶ Join my once a week newsletter: ▶ Crowdfund more videos: ▶ Subscribe on YouTube: ▶ Subscribe to the podcast: ▶ Twitter: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram: #Sleeploss #daylightanchoring #brainhealth

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