278 – COVID-19 Research Update: Obesity and COVID-19

In this episode, Dr. Josh Sharfstein talks with Hopkins researchers who damage down three study papers checking out the connection between excessive weight and COVID-19. Lauren Peetluk, a graduate pupil from Vanderbilt University, talks regarding a research study published early in the pandemic looking at excessive weight and also death from COVID-19. Dr. Sabina Haberlen speaks about a CDC paper on the partnership in between BMI as well as COVID-19 severity and also death. Dr. Nikolas Wada talks concerning a paper that teases out the connection between obesity as well as COVID from various other possible elements like diabetic issues and coronary artery condition. All 3 scientists are component of the Hopkins novel coronavirus research study consortium, with many recaps of brand-new studies offered at http://ncrc.jhsph.edu.

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