Why Did I Eat That? Obesity and the Neuroscience of Food Craving

Monthly The Brain & Habits Research Foundation holds a Meet the Researcher Webinar featuring a scientist talking about the current searchings for connected to mental disorder. In October, 2020, the Foundation included Dr. Carrie Ferrario of the College of Michigan Medical School. Description: While advises to eat are regulated by cravings, our demand for power, and our sense of satiety or fullness, they're additionally highly influenced by sights, seems, as well as smells linked with food. Dr. Ferrario's study, which attracts on ideas in addiction as well as learning, checks out the neurobiological mechanisms of cue-triggered food desire as well as exactly how these are influenced by usage of sugary, fatty, "junk-food" diet regimens as well as individual susceptibility to weight problems. She will certainly go over just how changes in excitatory nerve-cell transmission within the mind's reward path affects food yearning, and just how these modifications connect to eating habits. Find out more at https://www.bbrfoundation.org/event/why-did-i-eat-obesity-and-neuroscience-food-craving See us online: https://www.bbrfoundation.org If you such as this presentation, please share it!

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