The Obesity Epidemic, Explained (2020)

Dr. Jason Fung explains how the 1977 dietary guidelines led to the obesity epidemic. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans changed the way Americans ate, advising us to eat more carbs and less fat to prevent heart disease, but this lead to weight gain. When we gained weight, we were then told it was our own fault. See for more discussion. Books: The Obesity Code: The Complete Guide to Fasting: The Diabetes Code - The Cancer Code - The Obesity Code Cookbook: **Help with Fasting**: Try Pique Fasting Tea: Membership Community: Other Medical Lectures (given to specialist physicians): 1. Understanding Why Calorie Restriction Doesn't Work: 2. Therapeutic Fasting: 3. Why Calories Don't Matter: 4. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: #jasonfung #drjasonfung #fasting #fastingbenefits #weightlosstips #intermittentfasting #drfung #fung #calories #weightlosstips #caloriesincaloriesout #weightloss #nutrition #diet #health Timestamps 0:00 History of obesity medicine 4:11 The Low Fat Era of Weight Loss 10:23 Problems with with Low Fat Diet 16:41 Saturated Fat 21:00 The Paradox of eating Low Fat 25:43 The shocking origins of Vegetable Oil 32:35 The Food Pyramid 35:23 The Obesity Epidemic 37:00 Calorie Counting is not physiologic 48:00 Obesity is a hormonal imbalance, not a caloric one

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