Type 2 Diabetes: Understanding the Link Between Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes

Videos prepared by Steven Liang (BHSc), Tegan O'Brien (Arts and Science), Darren Liu (BHSc), Vitheya Thanabalan (Life Sciences). Kind 2 diabetes mellitus has actually ended up being a pandemic as well as is showing no indications of reducing. Today, the approximated worldwide occurrence of kind 1 and also 2 diabetes mellitus is close to 300 million. This number is predicted to climb to 439 million by 2030, with kind 2 diabetes mellitus bookkeeping for concerning 90% of these situations. People with kind 2 diabetes mellitus are typically told by their medical professionals that their illness can be effectively handled with healthy eating, regular exercise as well as blood sugar level surveillance. These students have actually produced a series of three video clips that simplify the facility illness procedure of kind 2 diabetic issues in the hopes that far better understanding will certainly motivate individuals to much better manage their illness. In this video clip, the students utilizes animation to show just how obesity can enhance an individual's risk of getting diabetes by generating insulin resistance. Knowing objectives:. - Understand the condition mechanisms underlying type 2 diabetic issues. - Understand the link between excessive weight and also insulin resistance. - Understand the negative influences of high blood sugar. - Learn why it is so essential to properly take care of Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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