Obesity and VA Disability Benefits

** VA News Update **. 0:00 Introduction. 0:18 OIG Report on Unwarranted VA Medical Exams. 2:19 HVAC Hearing-- Is VA all set for Appeals Reform? ** Obesity and also VA Compensation **. 6:40 How is excessive weight identified? 7:28 What portion of veterans are overweight or obese? 7:49 Does VA take into consideration weight problems a special needs? 10:12 How can experts obtain service linked for issues associated to obesity? What is an "intermediate action"? 12:05 Examples (consisting of rest apnea and back conditions). 13:58 How might the current Saunders judgment on discomfort impact obesity-related VA cases? ** link to Ortho Ratings vid **. 15:24 How does VA price obesity-related conditions? 16:33 How could a current precedential decision by the VA Office of General Counsel impact VA asserts pertaining to excessive weight? 19:25 What are some instances of problems that could be service attached through weight problems? 20:07 Common mistakes VA makes in settling obesity-related insurance claims. 22:19 Practical suggestions for obesity-related VA cases. ** READ the article here: https://cck-law.com/news/obesity-and-va-disability-compensation/. Really feel cost-free to ask questions, offer us comments, or demand new veterans' regulation subjects below! As well as don't forget to SUBSCRIBE so you will not miss future videos.

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