The approach to treating childhood obesity | Anita Vreugdenhil | TEDxMaastricht

There is no magic tablet or spell to curing excessive weight yet the excellent news is that we do have the devices to take a little yet vital action by obtaining rid of our judgement as well as predisposition in the direction of children with obesity. [Recorded at TEDxMaastricht] Dr Anita Vreugdenhil, Paediatric Gastroenterologist at Maastricht University Medical Centre, is the owner of the Maastricht programme COACH which includes an 'complete' strategy to enhance the lifestyle of overweight and also overweight kids in the South of the Netherlands. Overweight, a condition in which an individual's weight is 10% -20% more than what is taken into consideration as "normal", and also weight problems, when a person's weight is greater than 20% more than typical, are rapidly ending up being a nationwide wellness risk in the Netherlands, specifically amongst kids. The most recent numbers indicate that 500.000 youngsters in the Netherlands are obese or obese. Yet many parents do not know that their kid is obese and are not familiar with the extreme consequences. Also when they familiarize the trouble, they still don't know just how to remedy as well as alter their deep-rooted behaviour. That's where Anita and also her team can aid. This talk was provided at a TEDx occasion utilizing the TED seminar style yet separately arranged by a neighborhood area. Discover more at

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