Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Second Opinion- The Pillars of Health and Fitness with Dexter Simon

Episode 1

Welcome to the premier episode of Second Opinion with IFBB Elite Pro Body Builder Dexter Simon. Dexter was previously a marathon runner when 6 years ago his goals, physique and training shifted due to the unfortunate circumstance of injury. In the short space of time of 2 years, he became the top ranked body building athlete in the country by acquiring his Pro card in the Arnold Classic in Barcelona where he returned this year to compete again.
Dexter is actively involved daily in shaping the lives of his clients and community through the pillars of discipline, dedication and commitment to their health and fitness.
He has an automated online regime with different training programs based on your needs. From buns of steel, to 6 pack abs, to weekly or monthly plans, these are just a few that define his program and it shines like no other seen in the region this far.
Step into his world and see what it’s like and how it’s done in taking your health, fitness and training to the next level

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