Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Redcon1 Black Friday 2019 Documentary | Fastest Growing Brand in Supplement Industry

A few weeks ago, I reached out to Redcon1 CEO Aaron Singerman with an idea for a piece of content. The concept of the content would be focused around documenting the “behind the scenes” of the biggest “sales holiday” of the year at the fastest growing brand in the supplement industry. I told Aaron that this would only be valuable to my community if he was willing to be transparent. To a bit of my surprise, he was enthusiastically open to my idea and offered up any and all of his team member’s time to me over the three days before the Black Friday sale officially kicked off on Thanksgiving. My hope is that other supplement brands (or any CPG business) will gain some insights and knowledge from how Redcon1 approached this important event. While not all strategies and tactics will be applicable to everyone, I believe there is something for everyone in this video.

Thank you Aaron Singerman and everyone at Redcon1 for allowing me access to your busy schedules before Black Friday.

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I appreciate each and every one of you that took even a moment of your time to watch this video. I know your time and attention are your biggest assets and I hope you got some value from this content. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


About Joshua Schall of J. Schall Consulting:
Joshua is consumer packaged goods (CPG) Strategist and Entrepreneur that focuses on the product categories of value-added (or functional) food, beverage, beauty, and nutritional supplements. He was an early advocate for digital grocery optimization and is an expert at the entrepreneurial ideation to consumerization cycle. Recently, he has shifted that decade of knowledge into early-stage investments, board membership, and public speaking engagements. His YouTube channel is a walk through his daily life and a peek into his business musings. Enjoy a look into his life through the lens!


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